moist and unstable

Name's Isis. I'm trash living in California. College student I guess. I'm gross.
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The full picture without the Instagram filter
More cute girls. Drawn in a Women’s History class
Dudes in lingerie hella

Scribbling and trying to get musculature down

Some de-stress doodles and familiarizing myself with some old faces

Summertime sadness with Xavvy

Drew and inked this months ago and just finished it yehhh

Four out of five of Cacophony Spree, a weird electronic punk band with soft female vocals and loud angry rapping.

They’re a terrible disaster of a band

a spooky child
I dunno what’s with this but I just love Xavvy being cute and not awful and coniving
Cute pin up gal
Cool beach babe ready to fight!!!! 

I’ve been drawing a lot it’s great so here you go

The crystal gems yo. Pearl is the hardest and Amethyst is the easiest to draw. Garnet is fun and my fave yehh

Drew a plant girl. She’s cute
Luv cute girls. Always cute girls. #scribblings