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Name's Isis. I'm trash living in California. College student I guess. I'm gross.
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I dunno what’s with this but I just love Xavvy being cute and not awful and coniving
Cute pin up gal
Cool beach babe ready to fight!!!! 

I’ve been drawing a lot it’s great so here you go

The crystal gems yo. Pearl is the hardest and Amethyst is the easiest to draw. Garnet is fun and my fave yehh

Drew a plant girl. She’s cute
Luv cute girls. Always cute girls. #scribblings
Garnet is my fave gem

A comic about food

Drew a cute butt on the bus
Sketched a cool dude I saw at the train station. #scribblings
I love Komari…. will finish at some point
I dunno lmao
I like how her boobs came out too much to cover them up I dunno what to do
It me and my pal Louis