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Name's Isis. I'm trash living in California. College student I guess. I'm gross.
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I always pictured Lalna as this baby faced mad scientist who was pretty big and broad but soft around the edges

Nano is just cute and small and compact

The most uwu
So I heard talk about bioluminescent freckles and I’m so weak
Lalna and Nano are very uwu
A tiny Parv and Strife cause I’m trash

Parv is fun to draw
gotta love that parv
his elbows could probably kill if he jabbed ya hard enough lmao
Started watching Flux Buddies and Nano is adorable I wanted to try and draw her
A tiny Parv I’m stupidly proud of
lmao been watching some yogscast and wanted to draw Parvis and Strife
i always imagined Parv as kinda tall and all sharp angles like a knife. Strife is a sturdy, monolith of a man. More broad in the shoulders but not too built, just sturdy. lmao idk idk here you go world
I haven’t painted in forever so here we are
The full picture without the Instagram filter
More cute girls. Drawn in a Women’s History class
Dudes in lingerie hella

Scribbling and trying to get musculature down

Some de-stress doodles and familiarizing myself with some old faces