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Hey friend I'm Isis. 20 and living in California. I'm gross

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i just got ready in like 10 minutes it was nuts
killing it today
this tank top has coffee stains on it 
was too lazy to do my hair so i did this thing instead and i think it’s cute idk
this mascara is hella nuts
i can actually see my lashes in my peripheral like whoa
i got a Too Faced sample pack and it comes with this Chocolate Soleil bronzer and Better than Sex Mascara that i used here. It also came with an eyeshadow primer and a face primer.
I also got a tiny Makeup Forever sample pack for my birthday that comes with the lipstick i’m wearing called Artist Natural and this Smokey Extravagant mascara
hell yeah sephora
my hair’s still wet but i look so good 
look is hella strong today
lmao coral pink bra and highlighter yellow tank top do not go well
also holy balls this bra does amazing things i’m in love

10 years difference


i don’t remember when that first picture is from but look at my fuckin baby face it’s gross and barely hitting puberty

I bought the cutest dress hell yes ignore my dirty socks

My hair looks so good today I’m so glad I’m hella cute

flower child
really cute for Astronomy yeh