moist and unstable

Name's Isis. I'm trash living in California. College student I guess. I'm gross.
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Luv this dog.
my dog just kinda leans against my chest when he’s on my lap
i love this dog so much
It’s proven that I need to go to the beach to recharge yearly.
Beach hair.

6 selfies cause i saw people doing them and whatevs lmao

lighting is still terrible in my room
but i’m still slaying
Where is the bus
Going to a job fair. Look out world!!
Waiting for the bus
feeling good

I’m super hot ;)

feeling good

I’m super hot ;)

the lighting in my room is shitty

more of the “90s grunge princess” look

wear this when you go grocery shopping or to that high school reunion

found stray eyeliners so i did a look i call “90s grunge princess”