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Name's Isis. I think I'm cis??? I dunno but she/her pronouns work. I'm trash living in California. College student I guess. I'm gross.
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idk tell me a band/artist and I’ll tell you

  • favorite song
  • favorite album
  • favorite cover song 
  • favorite member
  • favorite lyrics
  • how much merch I own
  • how many times I’ve seen them
  • rate the band

Some of this won’t apply to some artists but do it pls.

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I will write about the following.
Leave one in my ask box.

  • Dear person I hate,
  • Dear person I like,
  • Dear ex bestfriend,
  • Dear bestfriend,
  • Dear *anyone*,
  • Dear Santa,
  • Dear mom,
  • Dear dad,
  • Dear future me,
  • Dear past me,
  • Dear person I’m jealous of,
  • Dear person I had a crush on

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Put your iTunes on shuffle and see the soundtrack to your life

Opening credits:

Heartlines -Florence + the Machines

Waking up:

Nostrand -Ratatat

Falling in love:

Lucid Dreams -Franz Ferdinand

Fight song:

Over my Head (Cable Car) -The Fray

Breaking up:

Due -MSI

Getting back together:

Milkshake -Goodnight Nurses


Evil and a Heathen -Franz Ferdinand

Birth of child:

Midnight City -M83

Final battle:

Summertime -Beck

Death scene:

Battleships -Temposhark

Funeral song:

A Little Priest -Sweeney Todd OST

End credits:

Welcome Wagon -Fang Island